Thursday, March 23, 2006

See all the pretty colors?

My dentist and his staff just think I am a trip! I am getting all my dental work done before we move. It is a lot of visits but it needs to be done. And I have a wonderful dentist who acknowledges that I am a spazz in the chair and he is nice to me.

Well with each visit, I get nitrous, and I just lay back, close my eyes and listen to an Ipod. As long as the nitrous is flowing, I am ok. And when I close my eyes, I see all kinds of pretty colors. The first visit, it was pink & purple. The second visit it was white & green, The third visit was black & purple, with blue and green washing over the black. Today's visit was white on one half with a grayish green, then on the other half, it was orange & pink.

Quite the rainbow today. I have 2 more visits next week, and then I am done. When we get to Massachusetts I can find a dentist and go in for a cleaning, and know that a cleaning is all I need! Yay!

Speaking of moving day, it is looming right around th ecorner. I have plotted out our trip. We are driving to Phoenix on the first day to see my friend Julie. We are staying in a hotel by her house and thean going out to dinner with her family. Then, the next day, we are northward bound. We are driving about 500 miles a day and stopping to see the Football Hall of Fame. The day after that, we will be at Steve's parent's house in CT.

Our house is waiting for us--a 2 story house, hardwood floors, attached
1-car garage and also a basement, so I will have my scrapping room down there! It is about the same square footage as our house now.

In a few short days Steve will be home, and we will cram the car full of 2 birds, a weiner dog, 2 kids, 2 adults and miscellaneous crap and head across the country. I have my crochet and cross stitch ready to do in the car! The kids and I will do lessons in the car and in the hotel rooms across the country. And of course I will take plenty of pictures across the country.

Katie got her picture in the paper today! She was chosen to represent her class in a peace-promoting, flower-planting ceremony. So we went into town and joined kids from 6 other schools and planted petunias. This happened last week but the paper was published today. I am getting all my neighbors' copies so I can send them out to friends & family. She was right on the front page!

What else? We have had our pre-move inspection from housing, as well as the packers' inspection to see how much stuff we have & how many boxes they will need to pack up our stuff. I have put in our notice to vacate and have had 3 yard sales to offload extra crap that we don't need. My friend took my kids & I to Disney, because she said, "You can't leave southern CA without going there."

Katie has her very first wiggly tooth, and feels SO grown up!

Jonathan went on a field trip overnight onboard an historic ship! He became part of the crew and had to stand watch and everything! They both are doing well in school--report cards just came out.

Our fish are finding new homes in the house of my neighbor and in a classroom at school. So many changes are happening here at home, and the kids are reacting well to it. They are excited that Daddy is coming home quite soon and also that we are moving back East.

That's about it for now. I am going to find something to drink because I can't chew anything for 24 hours. Sigh.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Dentist, vol 2, and some other stuff

So I went back to the dentist last Tuesday the 28th of February, and they asked me ot come in early so I coudl get medicated ahead oftime & then be ready to go at my appointment time.I started off with 2 pills, no messing around. I brought my crochet and sat there for 45 minutes. I was working on a baby blanket for my daughter's teacher, and I noticed the carpet was gettin fuzzier by the minute. It was Berber, so I wondered how it could be fuzzy? I looked up and the waiting room appeared to be a little foggy. I thought it would be a good time to put the crochet away or else who knows what I would have ended up making?

I got the dental work done, not too much drama. I remember smelling black licorice and trying to spell it out with sign language because they couldn't undertsand what I was talking about. The meds did not affect me as much this time, which was ok. I was a little less loopy, but still unsteady on my feet.

Tomorrow I call to get an appointment to have both crowns put on. All financial donations toward my dental work will be accepted because I am already capped out with Tricare's lovely dental plan, and I have no coverage until Feb 1, 2007. Yay.

So what else has happened? Hmm. I had 2 yard sales in the past 3 weeks, and I am having my thrid and final in 2 weeks. I have multi-family sales, where other people bring their stuff over. Everyone has something they would like to get rid of, but most times it is not enough to warrant a big yard sale. So I group together with a lot of people and we have a big yard sale. They have been ok so far. Katie wants to sell lemonade at the next one. She has gotten the money bug since I had a lady pay her directly for her old videotapes. That child ran into the house and was bringing out toys and stuff, trying to sell them. She wants money! LOL!

I finished the blanket for Katie's teacher--it is white with a yellow ruffly border. I started on one for myself, it is varigated yarn, in tones of blue, purple, navy, lavender, white and sky blue. Each color gets lighter, darker, and changes in to the next color. It is called Blueberry Pie. It is a nice yarn. I rarely make anything for myself, so this is nice. I can see myself working on it all winter in freezing cold Mass, with it laid over my legs as I work.

Speaking of baby blankets, I get to make one for my friend Jordan, who is having a baby boy! They just found out it is a boy, and she is happy, since they have two girls. I have made only baby girl blankets so it will be nice to do somethig in blue or green, or maybe red. Whatever kind of yarn she chooses. I am going to start it when she brings me the yarn but I will have to mail it to her. I cannot finish it before we leave. If I pushed myself I could but right now I am focusing on other things, like cleaning the house & doing yard sales & other things before we move. Jordan is fine with it being mailed to her--she is pretty easygoing.

I have finished up the 5 cross stitch pieces I owed people--4 birth samplers and a picture of Elvis for my friend Poppy. They have all been stitched, washed, dried, pressed, and distributed. I finished 2 blankets due to other people, one has been mailed & the other (for Katie's teacher) will be given at a baby shower at the end of the month. The only thing left that I have to do before I go is to knit my friend Jessica a scarf. I promised it to her on her last birthday and I want to finish it before I go. I hope to have it done by the end of the week.

What else has been going on? The kids are in school, Jonathan is about to go on an overnight field trip, on a boat! He will "stand watch" too, just like his Daddy.

Speaking of Daddy, he is in the waters off Iraq, in the gulf. He has finally been around the world. He has been to the gulf on a Med cruise and now he reached it the other way, on a West Pac. He is coming home in about 3 weeks and we are rolling out of here in 4 weeks and 2 days.

Well I need to post this so I can go get Katie from school. More later!