Friday, April 27, 2007

The baby is standing on its head!

We had some spotting, and went to the doctor for reassurance. They tried to listen for the heartbeat but couldn't hear it, so we had another ultrasound. The baby is fine, is 5.5 cm/2 1/4 inches from crown to rump, and weighs a few ounces. He or she is also standing on their head! I took a picture of the u/s with my cell phone, but I took it upside down for easier viewing. Here is the baby at 12 weeks and three days, looking much more human that before! I also had some precautionary RhoGam. I stop the progesterone when I hit 13 weeks (next Tuesday) and the spotting should stop then. All appears well! Yay for a healthy baby!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just checking in

So last night I had a taste of irrationality. I have had small instances of going from zero to hugely irritated where I can barely speak, but only a few times so far this pregnancy. But last night, holy hormones, Batman.

I am still using my progesterone, and it comes with prefilled applicators and you have to snap off the top and then use it. Well lately when I snap the top off, the progesterone has been oozing out, which irritate me because it means less meds are getting where they needs to go. For the past two nights, it has been shooting out! As in flying across the room and splatting places. Just to irk my nerves. I am not squeezing the tube or anything so I have no idea why it is doing this.

So that was on my nerves, and I get into bed and stare at the TV for a bit before going to sleep and within 30 minutes, I am hungry. I am talking severe hunger pangs, and I wanted to cry. I knew it was no time to eat, and I should go to sleep and my stomach hurt *that* bad. I considered getting some of my beloved frozen fruit, (Schwan's golden fruit blend is SO yummy!)when, to my dismay I remembered that I polished it off as an afternoon snack. The tears flowed.

I fell asleep and had bad dreams of being hungry. Woke up to pee about 4 times. Was nauseated this morning and was pronounced "pitiful" by Steve. I am 12+1 today. Am I not out of my first trimester until I am 13 weeks? Is that when it will get better? We'll see.

Also, as a public service announcement, Dole frozen dark sweet cherries are SO good, whether you have Schwan's frozen fruit in your freezer or not. I can still wear my jeans fine, so that is good. And being sick with Rotavirus and just plain nausea, I have lost three pounds. I'm not trying to lose weight--I graze all day. I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Say cheese!

So we went to the inlaws this past weekend and got to see the babies! They are about 7 1/2 months old now, full of personality and happy as clams! From the top: MIL holds baby MacKenzie as she grins hugely at Katie. Then, Steve gets big giggles from Alyssa. On the bottom, Alyssa shows her new interest--her toes!
Second trio of pics: Jonathan says cheese! Second, the older girls hold the the younger girls, and on the bottom, Katie holds Alyssa.
The bottom trio of pics is a few snapshots from Easter--dyeing eggs, right after the egg hunt, and then Katie dressing up Max in his sailor suit. Poor dog!
So that's about it for us. Oh yeah--I am 12 weeks today! Woohoo!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hello, baby!

So we went to the doctor, me, Steve and the kids. All 3 of them, LOL. That's right, we are having another baby! We had an ultrasound this evening, and we planned on telling the kids by showing them the ultrasound. So the tech takes me in, and is very nice, and checks--there's the baby with a nice, fast HB of 172 BPM. I have to look online to see if that means boy or girl? I was just in a hurry to get this posted to look first.
Steve brought the kids in after I was already stirruped & draped, and we asked if they knew what it was on the screen? Katie asked if it was a baby, and if so, could she take the pictures to school tomorrow? She's a nut.
Jonathan's eyes got wide and he said, "You have a baby inside you?" They haven't asked yet how the baby got in there. *wipes sweat from brow in relief*
The tech showed them the baby and the heart beating, and printed us out some pictures, and off we went to Friendly's for some celebratory ice cream.
The kids gave us naming suggestions. Katie advised me to go to the baby aisle at the store, as well as "the fat person aisle, where Mommies with babies in their bellies buy clothes."
Cue peals of laughter, and then me explaining to her that she means to say "maternity section."
Jonathan asked how the baby knew it was ready to get out? He asked if the baby kickd me in the side and said it was ready? I showed them the pictures again and pointed out the sac, and said it was like a water balloon and it would pop. That amused both kids greatly.
So here are the pictures. They are small, click and they should get a little bigger. They are a little fuzzy, a little grainy, and with white strips of paper haphazardly torn to cover my name for some anonymity. Who needs scissors anyway? The baby appears to have a giant head, and it is on the bottom right of each picture. The torso & legs, which you cannot really make out, are towards the left. The tech says my due date of 8 Nov has been confirmed, and all looks well! Yay for a nice tech!