Saturday, March 08, 2008

What's that line about the road to hell?

It is paved with good intentions. I had every intention of keeping up the treadmill routine, but got sick with the plague for two solid weeks. I have no willpower. After I was better, Steve encouraged me to get back on, and I did once, but since then he has not "told" me to. I know I have my own free will, but I am just lazy when I have no one holding me accountable. I am a chump. A fat one.

Today I took the baby to get her 5th RSV vaccine. She will be 5 months and one week on Sunday. She is now 12 pounds, 4 ounces. She smiles, coos, belly laughs, and babbles random sounds. She wriggles and uses her toes for propulsion to do the oddest commando crawl you've ever seen. It's not a true crawl, but she can move forward a bit before she gets tired.

We are still nursing, and it seems that time has flown! I am nearly halfway through my nursing year! I have her on a schedule and she sleep-trained suspiciously easy. I imagine she will rebel against it when she is teething or sick.

I am enchanted by all that she does, as if she were my firstborn. I spend the day feeding her and playing with her, trying to strengthen her muscles since she cannot prop up yet, and is still kind of a bobblehead. The pediatrician put in a referral for the Early Intervention people to do a home visit to watch what she can do, and recommend exercises or activities to help her get stronger.

So today was an ordinary day. Doctor appointment in the morning, crabby all afternoon. Thankfully she still ate normally. All the kids went to bed on time, yay. Steve did laundry and I cleaned the living room, which included unclogging the vaccuum so I could get the carpets clean. I also scrubbed under 1/3 of my kitchen's counters-- the kick board areas, with a hard scrubby brush as well as a toothbrush to really get down in there. Usually when I mop the floor, it looks nice, except for the kickboard area. Once I finish the scrubbing and mopping, the floors will look *really* nice. At least until the next spill, right?