Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back to my old routines

Well here it is, about 1:30 AM and I am still awake. Just like when I was in CA I kept late house too. I have been doing "moving-in" type things around the house, organizing stuff, but also mundane things like laundry & sweeping the floor. I like my Swiffer because it keeps the floor nice. This hardwood floor is driving me nuts. I sweep, then little bits of I don't know what turn my feet black. Or I feel little gritty stuff underfoot as I walk, even after I sweep, so I Swiffer around in a vain hope to clean the floor. Sigh.

So everyone in the house is asleep but me. I have the kids' school clothes ready, and bookbags ready, so it's basically wake up, eat, dress & go. Their school here does not start until 8:30 which seems so late to me. But it's ok. I know the kids like to sleep in a few more minutes.

Not much to say, just trying to get settled in. It is nearing 2 AM so I guess I better turn in so I can get up in 5 hours. Adios y'all.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

It has been a month...

...since I last posted.

What has happened in that time? Steve came home from deployment. He was only gone for 3 months instead of the usual 6 because he had orders, and we moved across the country, from California to Massachusetts.

We drove across the country in the smallest car on the planet with 2 kids, 2 birds and a weenie dog. The trip was long and mind-numbing, but still not too bad. I think we only had one instance where we were scrambling for a gas station to make a potty stop for the kids.

We live in Marine housing by an Air Force reserve base. It is microscopic. I refer to it as the pyramid because the basement is huge, the main floor is small and the upper floor is miniscule. One of the so-called bedrooms is only 8x9. It is more than a little ridiculous.

Everything in the kitchen is new. The floor, the counters, the applicances. The hardwood floor in all of the other rooms is a novelty, since I have never had one before. I guess I need to learn how to care for it.

I guess the kitchen is an eat-in one, since there is certainly no dining room. But neither is there room in the kitchen for the little table we eat on. My big formal table is relegated to the basement for use as a scrapbooking surface. There is no room to put it upstairs.

The yard is ok in the front, in terms of size. It is a weed patch and I put down some grass seed today. It is rather drab and I intend to put up tiny decorative fencing and plant some flowers near my door. In the backyard, again it is sizeable but if we want a fence we have to put one up. Sigh. I also wanted to put aside a small bit of the yard as a vegeable garden. We'll see if I feel like doing that.

We lost about 75% of the storage space, closets and cabinets that we had in the other house. This creates a challenge in terms of unpacking because we have nowhere to put what it is that we unpack.

For those of you who knew us in Virginia, this house appears to be bigger than the VA house, at least on the main floor. In VA the kids' rooms were much bigger. We also had no garage or basement, and we have them here. But from my description, it sounds like this house, the pyramid, is smaller than the VA house, commonly referred to as the shoebox. It is bigger, but we have more stuff, or bigger stuff, so you cannot really tell.

I like the trees in the neighborhood, and the close proximity to the school. But like VA, we have to cross a busy 4-lane street to get to the school.

This housing is a ghost town. I suppose it is because they just finished renovations, and they usually put a hold on people moving in until after renovations are completed. Steve said he saw the list of people about to move in so maybe soon I will have more than the approximately 20 neighboring families who are here now. And maybe some of them might talk to me. I guess I am just used to Silver Strand, with all its people.

We live right off the main drag, with lots of stores and stuff, so it is not like Coronado, I mean Gilligan's Island. I dont have to drive more than 2 miles from the house to find 2 grocery stores, some East Coast version of Costco, Friendly's, Dunkin Donuts, WalMart witha Subway inside, every fast food imaginable, (except In-N-Out Burger, to my chagrin) a Home Depot, etc. Lots of stores. I have to find the nearest Michael's and see if there is a scrapbooking store around, and I also need to locate the library.

I haven't gone on base yet. It has an Exchange but not a Commissary. I am 2 hours from the nearest Commissary. Sigh.

Anyway, I have to get back to cramming things into the whopping 3 closets we have, so I will post later. And more often than once a month. I am trying to embody the sentiment of "Bloom Where You're Planted" but so far, it's not working.