Friday, July 13, 2007

Altered letters!

So here are the letters! I held each one up as I finished inking their edges. Pay no attention to my messy worktable. I scrapbook, make cards and alter things all on my worktable and it is a cluttery mess.
I papered them, added fibers to them, affixed heart-shaped paper, buttons and gems to most of them as well as some words stickers to some of them. Each of them will be held up on the wall with skinny pink and purple ribbons. I have to decide where I want the letters hung and then I will take another picture of them all on the wall for you to see.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just popping in...

We went to CT this past Sunday to see the ILs and I got to see the girls again! MIL gave us some professional pics they had made of the girls and they are darling! I tried to scan them and the scanner has decided not to work?? I debated taking a picture with my cell phone but it wouldn't do them justice. I also burned a roll and a half of film while I was there--the ILs had their curtains open and there was nice lighting in the living room to snap pictures. The girls are 10 months old and MacKenzie is crawling, and they both are teething and have such cute personalities. It was a nice visit, can you believe it?

MIL has offered/promised us tons of stuff that she bought for the girls for when they thought the girls would be coming home with them. They're too big for it now. And she gave us some stuff to take home with us too. My mom has bought lots of stuff too, and we have picked up a few things. Here is a list of what we have so far:

A crib, a changing table, a bouncy seat, the Gossamer Wings bedding set, matching rug and curtains, an heirloom rocking chair that Steve was rocked in over 30 years ago, a baby monitor, a diaper pail, a basket with diapers and lavender wash inside, and we are starting to accumulate clothes! New, hand me downs, or from yard sales, we aren't picky--we are blessed and grateful!

When my mom came to visit, I registered, which felt odd, because this is not my first baby. But there is a 7 year gap between my last child and this one, so I went ahead. I felt kind of piggish though. Oh well, it's a wish list, right? I did register for a car seat as well as the car seat-stroller combo, in the hopes that someone might buy us one of the two.

We have the fetal echo on Thursday to check the baby's heart. MIL gets to come to this u/s since my mom got to come to the last one.

What else? I bought wooden letters that spell "Stephanie" and I am whitewashing them before I alter them, to hang as a decoration on the baby's wall. I am going to put stripes, polka dots, and random brushstrokes of paint on them (in pink or purple, haven't decided yet) and also glue cut-from-cardstock flowers, skinny ribbon, decorative little woodcuts and/or shaped brads on the fronts of the letters. Then I am going to hang them from fat ribbon, on the wall. I will certainly post pictures of them, even if I can only capture them on my cell phone, so you all can see!

Well that's about it for now. I will post an update on Thursday afternoon about the echo and I hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July! Be safe!