Friday, July 13, 2007

Altered letters!

So here are the letters! I held each one up as I finished inking their edges. Pay no attention to my messy worktable. I scrapbook, make cards and alter things all on my worktable and it is a cluttery mess.
I papered them, added fibers to them, affixed heart-shaped paper, buttons and gems to most of them as well as some words stickers to some of them. Each of them will be held up on the wall with skinny pink and purple ribbons. I have to decide where I want the letters hung and then I will take another picture of them all on the wall for you to see.


momma24/7 said...

Those are great!!! I like your color choices.

julie said...

those are adorable! sooo crafty!

now update your blog or call sometime!

Perdita said...

Good post.