Thursday, July 24, 2008

Insomniac rambling

So here it is, back again. Quarter to three, EST. I felt restless earlier, and I have been gearing up to it for a few days. I just feel like I want to *do* something. This evening I have knitted, read part of a book that made me want to cry, researched my next knitting project which involves learning a new stitch, drank some lovely (caffeine free) pomegranate tea, watched TV, sat in the dark when the power went out, and felt a lot of restlessness. I am too tired to really do anything, but I am too keyed up to sleep. It's fun.

So after I read part of the book, it made me feel like a wet rag. I wanted to snuggle my baby so I crept into the nursery and picked up my little girl. There she was. Soft skin, chubby cheeks and completley trusting. She snuggled up against me and her tiny fingers plucked at my collar even in sleep. I went to lay her back down after a bit, and there was an infomercial on her TV. She can't sleep without noise and we have a tiny TV that she can't see in there. It is just here for noise. I felt bad about her listening to an infomercial when I know she likes Nick at Nite and I went to change the channel and it woke her up.

I heard her flip around and up popped her little head to see who was in her room. She had bright eyes and the cutest little grin. How was she not sleepy? I've no idea. But she was wide awake and squalled when I told her it was sleepy time and tried to leave. So ever the sucker, I picked her up and she clung to me like a little baby monkey. We went and saw Daddy and got a kiss and she rubbed her eyes all sleepy-like and I put her down again. A few sad, pitiful, fake cries that I ignored and she is asleep again.

She made me feel better and I need to close this now and go to sleep.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Killing time

My kids'll be home soon. They went to GA to visit my parents by train for 2 weeks. My dad accompanied them on the trip so they weren't alone. He picked them up and brought them back. Steve went to pick them up from my dad at the train station and they're on the way home. It sounds so complicated but really the first sentence sums it up.

While they were gone we cleaned their rooms. We threw out broken toys, trash and other weird crap they'd been saving. We donated many bags of outsized clothing. We washed walls, vaccuumed and cleaned their upstairs bathroom and hall. The whole upper level is clean. Well, except the ceiling, which has cement-consistency applesauce stuck on it. No one knows how it got up there. It must have been Not Me, a la Family Circle. And I sure as shootin' don't know how to get it off.

I am going to scrub the highchair pad after I post, but today I have cleaned my bathroom, dusted my dining room table, put my carpet shampooer away after it had been out for a week, threw a bunch of trash away from the bar. Holy catalogs, Batman. I need to break out the shredder too. Does anyone know where it is?

My coffee table is cleared off, except my yarn and needles for two projects I am working on. I should put them in the basket that I bought specifically for holding my knitting, which is 3 feet away from me and the coffee table, right now. I am so lazy!

*moves knitting to its basket*

The baby is down for a nap and the dogs' needs are met and I also gave them rawhides to chew on. I have been listening to a movie for background noise as I putter around. Tell me why, whenver I see a birth on TV or in a movie it makes me all sniffy? I am such a sap.

On a completely unrelated note, I have a squeegee to wash my windows with. But I need one like gas stations have, with a strip of sponge as well as the rubber blade because the sad little rubber blade is not cutting it for where my dogs patrol the windows.

I must sound *so* boring. My life is quite ordinary, and I like it that way. We have some pretty set routines which comfort not only my son with Asperger's with their familiarity.

As for the job, Steve has it, supposedly. They gave him an ID badge, a name tag with the job title on it, the previous-occupant-of-the-job's keys, passwords and cell phone. Lord only knows when we are moving. And so today, like the last 35 days, I wait. Not only am I killing time until my kids get home, but I am killing time until we move.

Off to scrub the highchair pad and locate the shredder.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Cleaning house

So today Steve and I spent about 5 hours cleaning one room of the house. Deep cleaning/detailing. One might tentatively call it moving prep, but if we end up not moving, well, at least a ton of crap will have gotten purged from the house. Besides throwing out stuff we don't need, we are also making piles of stuff to donate to charity, or to give to specific people. Yay for our own personal version of "Clean House." That's the show where they do the toss keep & sell piles right? Close enough.

In between cleaning sessions, we went out to lunch, then to the bookstore where I got a book called One Skein Wonders. I have tons of spare odds & ends balls of yarn, and I was excited to get the book. Then I read it and whoa, do I have some knitting skills to pick up. I already have Stitch N Bitch, so it can teach me how to do more stitches, so I can complete these projects.

We also went through Target to get some plastic storage for the kids' crap. I will have to go back and get two more, but oh well. Like a trip to Target is a hardship? I will wait until after Sunday so that I can see what else is on sale.

Steve went to Best Buy to spend his reward bucks before they expired, and I went browsing through the craft store. I decided on a whim to go to Bath & Body Works. Holy sale, Batman! I was able to restrain myself, even though it seemed most of the store was 75-90% off. I just know that I have tons of bath products that I am trying to work my way through. But I loved the scent of the Enchanted Orchid lotion. And I got a Mango Mandarin glycerin soap. I have always loved that scent and I can't wait to finish this post, pump and then go shower with it. It smells *that* good. I also got a cloth bag, regularly $15.00, for $1.50! Whee! I am cheap so I was over the moon!

We came back home and skipped diner because our lunch out was kind of late. I fed the baby, Steve put her to bed and back to cleaning we went. Yay for feeling productive!

That's about it for now. Unless I give a rundown of what we do tomorrow, I will just say Happy Independence Day, now, y'all!