Thursday, July 24, 2008

Insomniac rambling

So here it is, back again. Quarter to three, EST. I felt restless earlier, and I have been gearing up to it for a few days. I just feel like I want to *do* something. This evening I have knitted, read part of a book that made me want to cry, researched my next knitting project which involves learning a new stitch, drank some lovely (caffeine free) pomegranate tea, watched TV, sat in the dark when the power went out, and felt a lot of restlessness. I am too tired to really do anything, but I am too keyed up to sleep. It's fun.

So after I read part of the book, it made me feel like a wet rag. I wanted to snuggle my baby so I crept into the nursery and picked up my little girl. There she was. Soft skin, chubby cheeks and completley trusting. She snuggled up against me and her tiny fingers plucked at my collar even in sleep. I went to lay her back down after a bit, and there was an infomercial on her TV. She can't sleep without noise and we have a tiny TV that she can't see in there. It is just here for noise. I felt bad about her listening to an infomercial when I know she likes Nick at Nite and I went to change the channel and it woke her up.

I heard her flip around and up popped her little head to see who was in her room. She had bright eyes and the cutest little grin. How was she not sleepy? I've no idea. But she was wide awake and squalled when I told her it was sleepy time and tried to leave. So ever the sucker, I picked her up and she clung to me like a little baby monkey. We went and saw Daddy and got a kiss and she rubbed her eyes all sleepy-like and I put her down again. A few sad, pitiful, fake cries that I ignored and she is asleep again.

She made me feel better and I need to close this now and go to sleep.

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HisWifeTheirMom said...

Where are you? UPDATE! I need updates my friend!