Saturday, May 24, 2008

A few maternity pictures from last year & some yammering

Starting from the top, two outtakes. The blurry one looks like I am trying to chase someone holding a donut. Nom nom nom!
The second one is me saying "hold on" while laughing my head off. I had a lot of fun that day, taking pictures. My neighbor Meghan took pictures of me with her digital camera and she motivated me to go get a digital camera of my own. I did, too. Two days later and it was perfect timing because look at the date on the photos! Five days before Stephanie was born!
Third pic, I love it. I wanted the focus to be just on my belly and the ultrasound but I guess the idea looked better in my head than on film because the collection of headless Jenn belly shots is creepy. But I love this one despite its imperfections. Meghan made me laugh in this one too, and you can see it at the top.
Fourth, autumn leaves for my autumn baby.
Last, a close up, profile belly shot with my horribly-tied, hand-tied bow. I like the bow in its own ugly little way. I also like the way this close up turned out, different from the creepy headless Jenn shots.
There are more pictures--I have only posted a few. I just wanted to post some here so you all could see. I had all the pictures loaded on a flash drive and lost it. For 7 months. Yes, I am a dork.
I have been kind of hibernating lately. Now that warm weather is here I suppose I'll have to un-hibernate but lately I have been grouchy as a bear. Just ask Steve! I have been dealing with some stressful crap, besides the trigeminal neuralgia and the pneumonia that y'all already know about. I will talk about that some other time.
The kids are almost done with school. Katie is finishing second grade and Jonathan, sixth. He had his very first migraine the other day. Poor Jonathan!
Katie will be attending a (weeklong, I think?) New England Patriots Cheerleader camp this summer, where the cheerleaders will teach her how to cheer and then she gets to cheer for the Pats during the first preseason game, which Steve and Jonathan will be attending. And taking pictures, of course!
The dogs are still weineriffic. Steve bought 27 Dresses, Juno, and National Treasure 2. I like them all. Y'all should watch them.
I am trying to respark my interest in scrapping by making an ABC album of New England. We will see how that turns out. I will post layouts when I start it. Right now I am in the planning and picture taking stages. A is for Autumn leaves, B is for Belchertown and Boston Red Sox. That sort of thing. I took a picture of the baby after she scooted under the coffee table, because U is for Under, and Umbrellas in the Rain. Next time it rains, I am shoving the kids out the door with umbrellas and boots on. I just hope it's not cold!
Each kid is getting two pages of their own. J is for Jonathan, K is for Katie and S is for Stephanie. Plus, E is for Eighth birthday, T is for Twelfth birthday and O is for One Year Old. Obviously these pictures will come later but I can do the pages ahead of time.
Anyway, I am going to go ahead and post this. TTYL.