Thursday, June 29, 2006


We were expecting a baby boy to join our family in October. An ultrasound scan today revealed the birth mom is carrying twin girls!
I am going to let that sink in.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

We are moving again!

So we will be moving to our new house on 7 July! Yay! We finally got ahold of the correct people in both housing offices, and away we go! I have a housing inspection set for Monday the 26th and fun fun fun, we have to move ourselves! I need to research U-Haul rates.

I said earlier that I registered at BabiesRUs, well I was looking at and they also have a registry, a bigger selection, and lower prices on a lot of my items. So I deleted some things from the BRU registry, and created a WM registry. I was specifically looking for a Safe Feeder (even though the baby will not need it for many months). I could not find it at either the BRU or WM sites. I knew they had them at One Step Ahead, so I looked online and lo and behold, they have a registry too! They also have many items you never knew you needed until you saw them. And I registered there. (blush)

So I feel like quite the greedy pig now. Who runs around with 3 registries? Even if we don't have any baby stuff left, and even if some items were site-specific, ehh, I still feel like an oinker. Oh well. I can just call them wish lists. Oooh, that sounds better now doesn't it?

"I registered and created a little baby wish list at such and such store."

Much less piggish.

Ok well I did the dishes today but I need to still do some more cleaning if some housing cow is going to be traipsing through the pyramid on Monday. TTYL.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Life changes

So, it's been a roller coaster at my house for the past few days. I can't edit my posts fast enough, you know?

We are still trying to move into a new house. We have to be released from housing before we can get in the new one. The new house lady told Steve she needs an answer tomorrow. So we have been alternately calling and dropping by the housing office, and no one is ever there. I left a voicemail but it has not been returned. Grr! If we don't get some sort of answer, we may not be able to get the new house I described before, but we will get *a* new house, somewhere. Oooh, a mystery house. Maybe this one will be closer to town?

As for a new vehicle, we may have to pass up on this sale, but there is always a sale on, right? We are going to do our research to get the best deal possible. Any suggestions?

Finally, concerning a new baby. The adoption is back on. Just a few birth mother glitches which have hopefully ironed themselves out. So, unless something major happens, we will be adopting a baby in October. We think it is a boy, and I will keep the blog up dated about the gender. Birth mom has an ultrasound next week.

In a fit of excitedness, I registered at for a few things. Our youngest will be 6 and we don't have much for a new baby. We have a bassinet, but no bassinet sheets. MIL has a spare crib and she thinks, a mattress to go in it. Woohoo. I am all for saving money, you know?

Well it is late and I am tired. Tomorrow is the last required day of school. Monday is the "real" last day but it is a half day and no one in Jonathan's class is going, so far as I know. So I think we will be skipping school and sleeping in like a bunch of truants on Monday. Yeah, watch Katie actually want to go on Monday. Night all & TTYL.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A new house and car, but no new baby.

You all have read about the small house we live in. We should be moving here in the next few weeks to a 4 bedroom house. It is huge, with a 2 car garage, 4 bedrooms, a partially finished basement, a huge kitchen with an island, and carpeting so I don't have to deal with the hardwood floors any longer!

It has a huge front yard and back yard, with a fire pit the size of a kids' wading pool and a horseshoe pitch as well. It is a nice big house. There will be plenty of room for us all. Oh yeah, and 2 full bathrooms! Yay! And plenty of closet space! I can actually unpack our boxes from the move 8 weeks ago.

Finally, a local car dealership is having a huge sale on fully loaded minivans! Who cares if they are 2005 models? They are 50% off, and brand new! Woohoo for the minivan, even if it is known as the "loser cruiser"! LOL! It will be nice and roomy!

We thought we were going to adopt a new baby in a few months. No sooner do I blog about it and put the word out, then circumstances change. So no new baby in October.

Monday, June 05, 2006

We miss you, Mr. Bill

Most of you probably don't know who Mr. Bill is. He battled cancer for 6 years, I think. He lost his battle last week. I just got word tonight. He will be buried in Arlington in a few weeks. We miss you, Mr. Bill. My thoughts are with you, Miss Judy.

Wired for sound

So I wrote a post, which Blogger decided to eat. Here is the condensed version:

The speakers on my computer haven't been working since before Steve left. They do now, because I fixed them--woohoo!

Steve will be home in a few days. I am still organizing stuff here in pyramid house. You can't blame the mess on "just moving in" when you've been here 6 weeks. Sigh.

Also, I am posting some names here of friends that I have lost touch with. I had previously mentioned a friend on a message board, and she Googled herself, was led to the message board and was able to get in touch with me after many years! Yay!

So, I want to see if I can regain contact with Greg Wilburn, Jo Hunt, Alaina Collins, Ursula Leggarreta, Brandy Mayer, Ben Heath and Taunika Taylor. More names in other posts when I have more time to walk down memory lane. Adios, y'all.