Friday, November 26, 2010

The year is nearly over

I decided to revive my poor, neglected blog. For the newbies, I am Jenn. I am a wife & mom of three kids and three weiner dogs. And three fish. And now a bird. We are the McConnell menagerie!

I love to talk, shop, and make crafty things. I scrapbook, rubber stamp, make cards, cross stitch, knit, crochet, and make jewelry. I am eager to learn to sew.

I also like to write, but sometimes I get so busy in my life away from the keyboard that I forget to write here. I used to write semiregularly and have followers! Anyone still out there? I am stil here. I haven't written all year, for 2010. So what has happened this year? Consider this the annual holiday letter that is normally enclosed in Christmas cards.

We used to live in Massachusetts. We moved to Florida. Steve is still in the Navy. We bought our first home. Everyone had their birthdays, except Miss Katie, who celebrates her 10th tomorrow! Steve and I celebrate 12 years of bickering in December. We got a new weenie dog, plus three fish and a bird. That's about it.

What happened last year? I got pericarditis and was later diagnosed with Lupus. It kicks my butt every so often. I try to ignore it. I will post more as the inspiration strikes. For now, I leave any readers with this:

Earlier I was describing my life as Momma to a kid with Asperger's. I said it's a roller coaster--lots of fun & laughs, some ups & downs, and sometimes ya just gotta scream. That's about right.