Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I love snow! Finally we are getting some significant snow! Here's a pic or two. The top one is the view from the road, looking at my house and the bottom one is a close-up shot. Yay for snow!
Happy Valentine's Day, y'all.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Clomid is fun!

Here I am. This pic was taken this week. See, Momma? I'm smiling.

It's been a while since my last update. What's new? We got barstools for our bar. I love them. They are cherrywood and square topped for more butt support. The kids love to sit at the bar for meals or homework.

It snowed Friday night, and the snow has stuck around. The temps are too cold for it to melt, but it is also so cold with horrible winds and freezing wind chill that we can't go outside and make a snowman. Max the poor weenie dog looks at us like we are nuts when we take him out, like, "You expect me to go outside??" We scraped some snow off the grass so he can have a patch of grass to pee on. Little picky dog.

Steve stopped smoking, which was a pleasant surprise to me, and he is doing good so far. No crabbiness, just a little tense. Poor Steve.

Jonathan and Katie are doing well in school but are not too fond of winter because it means afternoons are spent cooped up indoors to avoid frostbite. I am not too fond of it either, because I want to build a snowman!

As for me, well I started Clomid. Finished my first round of it today, actually. And good lord, the side effects! I am nauseated, my ovaries cramp, I get mild hot flashes and I get very dizzy and the mood swings are a wonder to behold.

Case in point: Jenn is unloading the dishwasher, and lining up the cups on a strip of countertop rather than put the dishes directly into the cabinet from the dishwasher. I always do it this way so I am not running back and forth, making 20 trips to put things away. I consolidate first. Anyway, Steve came up and asked me why I was doing it that way.

In the time it took me to pivot around and fix him with a steely-eyed glare, a raging she-beast had emerged from inside me, shrieking like a harpy, "What? You are criticizing the way I unload the dishwasher? Are you gonna SCHOOL me now?"

This was not yelled. Or hollered. Or shouted. This was *bellowed* to Steve's hastily retreating form. All the while there was a still, small part of me who knew that I was acting like a nutbag and he just asked a simple question. But the rational part of me was overruled. No way did I have control of my mouth.

Hopefully the Clomid will help me make a robust, healthy egg and I can have my 3rd and be done. I will keep you all posted when testing time draws near.