Wednesday, January 04, 2006

12 hours...

It has been 12 hours since liberty expired & we put Steve on the ship. I wonder how far away they are. I wonder how many cookies (of the 14 dozen or so that I sent him off with) are left?

The pier was a sight this morning. There were lots of people there, sending off their Sailors. Little knots of people, hugging, kissing & crying. Sigh. The ship pulled out at 9. We sat in Audra's van for 3 hours until the ship pulled away, then we came home.

It has been a quiet day today because everyone knows that the ship left today. I put a sign on the door that said Do Not Disturb. We received packages from FedEx today. He didn't even ring the doorbell. For some reason this made me laugh hysterically.

I miss my Steve. I have been numb for weeks to the fact that the ship was leaving, but the numbness is wearing off because it is past dinnertime and I haven't cooked. That is a sign that the Steve is not home. Whether he is simply on overnight duty or underway for a while, the kids and I eat less formally. Last night's dinner was chicken parmesan over angel hair pasta. Tonight's dinner? Leftovers for me, and the kids want ramen noodles. That's ok though, since I don't really feel like cooking.

I complained in my last post that my latest posts were not showing up, and lo and behold, they did! Woohoo! Let's see how long it takes this one to load up...

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