Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What are you doing for Lent?

No, I am not Catholic, but I do like the idea of giving something up to see if I can do it. Most of my past attempts were horrible failures. That whole, "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" thing.

So this year, rather than attempt to deprive myself of something, I am going to try to *do* something each day. I am going to go on the treadmill 30 minutes per day, walking at least a mile. I've already done today's walk, with the baby in the swing beside me.

I am going to start easy, walking whenever I can and eventually settling into a routine. But if I try to immediately set up a routine and say, "I will wake at X time, do this, that, and the other, and then walk," I think I am setting myself up for failure the first day I don't (or don't want to) get up at X time.

I am going to try to post each day and be held accountable for walking. So encourage me, people! Post messages asking if I have done my walking!


Shelle said...

Yay! A blog update!! I am giving up Pepsi for Lent. It ain't gonna be pretty. But I am doing Diet Pepsi so that my body doesn't go into caffiene withdrawal shock.

Good for you on the walking! You can do it!

HisWifeTheirMom said...

I gave something up for about it here

I soooo wish we were closer. I need a walking buddy bad!

Hope you and the kiddos are doing well....