Friday, January 02, 2009

The year in review

What happened last year?

In April I got pneumonia and was hospitalized. In May I was tested for MS and thankfully, I do not have it. My trigeminal neuralgia is simply idiopathic and exascerbated by stress. We moved here in August. Stephie turned one in September. Jon turned 12 and Katie turned 8, both in November. Steve and I celebrated 10 years of marriage in December. My TN also had the biggest flare ever, in December. A little prednisone and I was as right as rain. My parents came to visit for Christmas, and it snowed just for them! Steve's hoopty car kicked the bucket and he bought a brand new jellybean car. I mean, a Toyota Yaris. It looks like a Jelly Belly blueberry jellybean. It's very cute and if it weren't a stick, I'd be zipping around in it and he could drive the "big" car.

We let the kids stay up for the ball drop and they both made it! We gave them sparkling pear juice to toast with and Steve and I had a nice, sweet, rose wine.

I undecorated the tree today. In a minute I am going to go yank down the two strings of lights, bag them up and toss them in the Christmas box. I only put out a few Christmas decorations around the house so they will be easily stored away. I'll seal the box and Steve can put it in the outdoor storage closet tomorrow. Or in the garage until the snow melts, I don't know.

The baby has therapy tomorrow. She is *so* close to standing independently and walking. What else? I need to go to the commissary and I have a list ready. Steve has tomorrow off so I can go in the morning before therapy, and leave all the kids at home. I need to clear off the kitchen table and give it a good wash. I also need to sweep and mop the kitchen floor and scrub the baseboard area.

I am participating in a "read 50 books this year" challenge. No books you've read before. You don't have to buy them, only read them. Not that I would mind 50 new books... So I will be making use of my library! Anyone have any recommendations of must-read books? Any genre, mind you. Classics or current bestsellers, I am all ears!

I suppose I should close for now, and get cleaning. Insomnia has its benefits, I guess.


Shelle said...

I reccomend the Twilight series, there are four of them. They are like Harry Potter.

terri said...

after reading the 1st twilight book yesterday... all billiondy 8 pages of it... i would also have to say that one!

Netanya said...

Anything by Phillipa Gregory or Barbara Kingsolver.
Let me know what you recommend!