Saturday, March 17, 2007

A foot of snow on St. Patrick's Day, and some illness.

So the weather report called for an inch of snow Thursday night, and between one and three Friday, with between six and ten inches overnight. That later changed to 10 to 15 inches overnight.

We got at least a foot of snow dumped on us, but it is hard to get an accurate measure because the winds made the powdery snow drift. We had to shovel to get out the door, just so poor Max could go potty. But we had a foot of standing snow on the driveway.

What else do we have? A vomiting child. Katie woke up early Thusday morning, threw up all over, and then promptly stopped all mess-making by 8 AM. She was a little less active than she normally is, but had no fever.

Repeat this scenario Friday morning, except add in normal active behavior, still no fever, and an increased appetite. We have been giving her 10ccs of liquid every 1o minutes (plus water & ginger ale to drink freely in addition to the minimum 1occs) as long as she is awake to combat dehydration. You all know how it is with a virus--it has to come out the other end, and it does so in liquid form.

I am in no mood to try to navigate poorly-plowed, snowy mountain roads to bring my baby girl to an ER.

Well today she woke up fine, had a normal appetite, and seemed to suffer no ill effects. We breathed easier. Then right before 2 PM, she exploded all over my kitchen floor. Tell me she could not have gone two steps to the right and aimed for the kitchen sink? Nooooooooooooo.

So we have been back on the 10ccs every 10 minutes routine for the past 3 1/2 hours. Still no fever. But she did manage to share her bug with me and her dad. Me yesterday, her dad today. I am still feeling a little lousy, but am on the mend. Steve, who is just pitiful when he is sick, should hopefully feel better by tomorrow. As for Katie, who knows???

We were supposed to go to the commissary, but that involves a 4 hour round trip in the car. Katie's illness nixed that. So I said ok, we will go to a local store and pay higher prices, but no, the snow nixed that for today.

If the roads are more driveable, we might go to a local store tomorrow. Steve will drive since I am not used to snow driving and it is supposed to snow in small showers today / tonight / tomorrow. So our store trip tomorrow depends on Katie's tummy. Get better, Katie's tummy!

She is unpredictable, though. So if we go, I will push one of those huge carts that seats two kids in front, and put her in there with a barf can lined with a bag. And I will carry spare bags, and wipes and bottles of water in my purse. She could pull what she did today, and be fine, and then explode all over with no warning. No way am I making a biohazard in aisle 6.

That's about it, I guess. Jonathan is still robust, thank goodness, and max is unimpressed with this powdery snow that is higher than he is. He sinks right down in it. Steve, being a nice daddy, cleared him a patch of grass to potty on.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Katy said...

Hi Jenn

Just checking in on you. Hope the clomid works out for you, I hated taking it too. I couldn't wait to be pregnant so I wouldn't have to take it again the next month (then pregnancy came along, and it was even worse than clomid.)