Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just another day

I couldn't sleep much past the third alarm that we had set, so I got up. Steve stayed in bed, whacking the various snooze buttons. I decided to make apple streusel muffins. Not from scratch or anything. Just a boxed mix, but they were a pain to make so I am glad I got up when I did. Otherwise we would not have been able to eat them for breakfast.

The kids meandered downstairs just after 7 AM. We bought them these alarm clocks that light up different colors as they buzz so the kids like them, and actually get up when they go off, so gone are the mornings where I spend 10 minutes yelling up the stairs for them to get up.

Right now I am just sitting down for a minute before I finish a few things. I tidied the living room but it needs vaccuuming. I'll do that next. Re-fluff the couch pillows and fold blankets, wipe down the coffee table. I have been cleaning and throwing stuff away, so now I need to take the trash out. And change the laundry over.

I already washed the few breakfast dishes and wiped down the counters and stove top. After I finish the living room I have to make sure my bathroom is guest-ready, a la Flylady. I didn't make my bed yet, so I guess I will do that. Do some dusting, light a few candles, then sit back down for a few minutes and plan what other little tasks to do. I will do a little crochet work on a blanket then as well.

It's just another day, with the kids off to school and Steve off to work. My days right now are pretty free, where I can clean a little, and do one of my hobbies a little, and rotate these things all day long. Like clean the kitchen, then do some cross-stitch, then clear off the dining area that has become a catch-all, then go scrapbook for a little while. Stuff like that.

I realized last night that it had been about three weeks since my last blog entry so I thought I would post something, even if it is just about an ordinary morning.

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