Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A midnight ramble

Hi y'all. The kids' first day of school is tomorrow. They laid out their clothes, and I have their bookbags all ready to go. As a treat they will be allowed to buy lunches for this short week, but after that, they will be packing lunches from home. I have new lunch kits for them and new sandwich boxes to keep their sandwiches from being crushed.

I made banana bread tonight to use up some overripe bananas. I used a new recipe that took forever to bake and now I am too tired to sleep.

Some other moms and I are going out for lunch to celebrate school starting tomorrow and I laid out my clothes. I'm excited! I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes today so I will be watching what I eat and drink, I promise. Steve came home and did his part to encourage me to eat better by giving me the evil eye for drinking soda. I had to finish the last bit inteh house, and savor it, right? And he and the kids finished off the last of the ice cream in the house. It's ok--I had some previously, and I didn't want any. :-)

It is going to be hard to give up soda cold turkey. Sigh. And Steve gets us donuts on some Sunday mornings. Oh well. I am in no mood to birth a 10 or 12 pound baby!

I shampooed the carpets the other night, after everyone was asleep. It looks nice. The kitchen floor needs mopping again though.

We have internet after two days of not having connectivity. Our provider stinks, but they have a monopoly in our area, so what can we do?

Tomorrow night's dinner (or is it tonight, since it is after midnight?) is chicken and corn sauce. Sounds nasty, but tastes good. I promise.

Steve was pretty ill last night and today and I think he is slowly feeling better. Just some random bug that affected only him, thankfully. But poor Steve!

I change weeks every Tuesday so today (yesterday?) I hit 30 weeks. Steve told me on Monday that I have "popped." Yeah, my belly pokes out a little!

My next doctor's appointment is on Friday. I will learn more about GD and how to handle it, as well as get the Ffn (fetal fibronectin) test for early labor. I am doing ok. I am moving ever slower as each day passes. I still have the achy joints and my hips and pelvis get ready for delivery. I'm excited--will I go early again or actually make it past 37 weeks? If I don't, I cannot deliver at the birth center and I must deliver at the actual hospital. We shall see what happens!

So when the kids go to school tomorrow, I can do my maintenance cleaning on the main floor, and fold the laundry waiting on my folding table, and feel productive, and probably before 10 AM! Yay for the first day of school--because I am excited, I will be able to pop out of bed! Of course I will end up exhausted tomorrow afternoon, but oh well.

I need to find my camera. It is either on my nightstand or downstairs in my Winnie the Pooh bag. I think. But I need pictures of the kids on their first day! Jonathan will be in 6th grade, which would be middle school in other places but is still elementary here. I remember his first day of school, where his bookbag was standard size and swallowed him up, and he was mad because they had an orientation where we all drove to school. He wanted to ride the bus, thank you!

And Katie will be in the second grade. I remember her first day of school--we showed up early to peek in the window before her day ended and her hair was in pony tails, and they were so droopy by then, and so were her shoulders. She was sad from missing us by then--and it was only a half day!

Well it is 1 AM now, so I am going to try and get some sleep before tomorrow!

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