Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Um, ow. My face hurts.

Ok I am going to complain for a minute here. My face hurts on the right side. It is a nerve gone haywire and it has been a bad few days. I first noticed it a couple of months ago. I would wake up in the middle of the night with horrible face pain. I thought it was a sinus thing and brought it up to the doctor at my next visit. He told me some medicine I could take, but I didn't because the pain didn't recur. Fast forward to the past two weeks, where these episodes have increased in frequency and severity. I am in throbbing pain (and tears) multiple times a day. It is a pain to cry silently (with a cold compress against my face) so I don't scare my kids.

I described my face pain on the internet to my message boards. One board is a group of pregnant women, and I asked if anyone else had pain like mine--coming suddenly, intense pain that radiated from the temple/eye, down through the nose and lips, and the whole upper and lower jaw, and making my teeth feel electric. Lather, rinse, repeat countless times a day.

A lady said that it sounded like I have what she has--Trigeminal neuralgia. I looked it up and there is an illustration of the face, and the trigeminal nerve. Lo and behold it goes all over where my pain is!

I don't know if my OB has ever heard of this, but I am taking a printout of the description with me to my appointment on Friday, to either get it ruled out or to get a diagnosis. Either way I need some pain relief because Tylenol is not touching this pain. The pain laughs when I take Tylenol. Loudly.

I wonder if it gets worse with stress? Because I was pain-free for a couple of months and then all of a sudden, in the past week, when I have had three very stressful issues crop up and get my hormones raging. For te past three days, here I am with a face full of pain. I hope it goes away when the baby is born, if it is pregnancy-related, or sooner if it is stress-related. I will take up meditation if I have to. I have got to do something about this pain. I thought my pregnancy aches were bad? Please. I still have them and they are overshadowed by this face pain.

You know what's funny? I would rather trade my sciatic nerve pain and my crotch pain o' doom (thanks for the term, RockPrincess) every day for the rest of this pregnancy, *and* go 2 weeks overdue than have my face hurt even one more time. Please, G-d? Please? I need some prayers y'all because this face pain HURTS.

Off to meditate, and try to sleep.

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