Sunday, September 02, 2007

Gestational Diabetes

I went to the doctor on Friday, where they did the early-labor test and the doctor said if it is positive they will call me, otherwise assume it is negative and I see him again in 2 weeks, Sept 14th. No calls yet, and even though I go early, it's still too early for me and I am assuming it will be negative.

I got my referral for my diabetes class, but of course it came right before a holiday weekend. I will call on Monday and at least leave a voicemail if no one is in the office.

I have been a whiny little thing for the past week, afraid to eat anything. And it is hard to find something that I *can* eat. If it is not forbidden because it hurts my stomach--fast food in all forms, fried foods, etc--it is forbidden because of pregnancy--lunch/deli meat, unpasteurized stuff, hot dogs, caffeine--then it is forbidden because of the diabetes--anything else that tastes good.

I know that fast food, hot dogs, soda, Sunday morning donuts with the paper, all of these things aren't good for me at all, pregnant or not. I am sure that by the time the baby comes my taste buds will have changed and I won't want so much garbage. I am just afraid to eat. I can't wait to take this class and learn how to break food down into balanced groups and eat optimally. After the baby comes, I can continue eating similarly but maybe add back in a few things. Like a dessert now and then.

I have just been paranoid that every bite I take has the potential to hurt the baby. I read online that if it has sugar as one of the first three ingredients, don't eat it. That has been easy to follow, so it feels like I am doing something. I have been eating small things every few hours, and trying to balance starches and proteins. It's a pain in the butt. Oh well. I am in no mood to have a mammoth-sized baby.

So I get an ultrasound to monitor the baby's growth the night before my appointment, and I will post pictures then. I will have to go in for biophysical profiles too, soon.

Last night I bought some egg salad from the deli and it was rotten. I cried. No big surprise since I cried all day yesterday. I am sure I was a bucket of fun to be around. Steve has taken the egg salad back to the store. I told him that I do not want a replacement product either. The egg salad I bought was within the sell by date and still spoiled so I don't trust the deli with egg salad no more. It is sad because now I have to make it myself. Sigh.

I am just worn out. I am going to look for a diabetic-friendly smoothie recipe. I have milk, plain nonfat yogurt and a ton of fresh fruit. Maybe I can make a little smoothie that won't be too bad for me? We'll see!

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