Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just a note, a day late.

So. Yesterday was September 11th. I watched some tributes online and it all came back, flooding me with horror. We let Katie watch a tribute that wasn't graphic, and she thought it had happened yesterday. She was just under a year old when it happened so she doesn't remember. I remember in 2001, turning off the TV after a few days because the news coverage and replays were so bleak. My dad said that I shouldn't shield the kids from it. When he was a kid, his parents gave their kids a front row seat to the news, even if it was bad news, and didn't sugarcoat it. I agreed on one level, but on another, I didn't want my house to be so gloomy for my kids. It is a little less daunting, less overwhelming to look back and see the events now, so I let my kids watch and have respect for those who died.

Years have passed and at this time last year, the girls were born. So September 11th means more than a national tragedy for me, it is also a cause for celebration at the birth of two beautiful twins girls who captivated my heart at first sight. Yesterday, in addition to watching tributes, I also went back and looked at last September's posts and pictures. I remember how small they were, and how strong. I have watched them grow and change and thrive with their foster mom. They are beautiful, still strong, and have such cheery dispositions. It's been a roller coaster of a first year, and even though I don't like it here, I am glad we will be close enough to see them grow and change for another year or so. I love those girls. I am going to load up some pictures from June, when they were 9 months old. I will post more recent pictures when we see them next. And no matter how I try, pics always load at the top of the post instead of at the bottom where I want them. Oh well. That's Miss Alyssa on the top, and Miss MacKenzie on the bottom.

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