Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Belly pic at 20 weeks

So here I am at 20 weeks. I was waiting at the airport for my mom's plane to land--she s here visiting for a week. Ignore how wrinkly the shirt is, ok?
People have been asking me if I think it is twins, because of the two-heartbeat thing? I am of two minds. Either it is twins because sometimes I feel movement in two places at one time, and I hear two distinct heartbeats in two separate areas of my belly--far right, and low left, OR I am feeling gas and am too stupid to tell the difference between gas and movement, and the doppler is just really sensitive and is picking up an echo of the same heartbeat.
Who knows? We will find out on Friday! Whether it is one baby or if we are doubly blessed, I will still be thrilled with one healthy child of either gender. After 5 losses, I'm happy to be pregnant at all. Even with my sausage feet! A second baby would be the best bonus though!

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