Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A busy few days

Yesterday Steve felt the baby move! We had to kinda squash the baby into one half of my stomach and then wait, but pretty soon the baby protested and did a big somersault tryihg to move around more! So funny!

Then today I got the doppler in the mail and used it right away! I heard the baby's heartbeat! I called everyone so they could hear, too! Then when Steve got home, we used the doppler again and found the heartbeat but the baby was awake and moving around and I had to chase him around! The baby kept kicking the wand part and it would make a "bloop" noise, and the heartbeat would fade, and the chase was on to find it again! It stayed steady between 150 and 160 BPM, both times.

This afternoon, I took the doppler outside and with a little glob of goo, I let all the neighborhood kids listen to their own hearts and they were amazed.

I have a routine OB appointment on Thursday. My big ultrasound where we will hopefully find out the gender is later this month. Whee!

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carey said...

Hey there lady,
Glad to see that everthing is doing okay