Saturday, June 09, 2007

My appointment

So I had my appointment on Thursday, just a routine one. I went in, asked what was ok to take in terms of allergies & sinus pain, but other than that I have no complaints. I have felt the baby move & so has Steve and we can listen to the heartbeat anytime we want. I am happy. I told the doctor that our doppler has a digital display to tell BPM and he is jealous, LOL!

So it is "see you in a month" for another routine appointment with him. But I go to the ultrasound department for my bug u/s which is on the 22nd. It is weird to go to another area of the clinic and have an u/s done, because when I had Jonathan & Katie, the doctors did it themselves. Now it is "go and schedule your appointment, and then the tech will send me the results." Whatever, it is just down a few stairs.

My mom is here next week and she will be here for the big u/s and I am so hopeful that we find out what it is. Please, baby, be cooperative!

Well that's about it. I guess I should get some sleep (or try to) so i can clean the house tomorrow.

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