Monday, November 03, 2008

And now, today.

I woke up on time, got the kids off to school and settled in for a phone session that left me spent. I have such a headache.

I had to call to get the baby an appointment at the eye doctor for her annual check for ROP. Then I had to call the ped to get the referral sent over. I left a message for a potential therapist for Jon. I called my health clinic so I can actually go and get in their system, get a doctor and perhaps a flu shot. I called my insurance company only to find out they do not cover something I want them to cover. Buttheads. I have been on the phone with WIC, and will be again soon. For the last place I was supposed to call, I am opting to email rather than call them. I have been leaving messages, getting callbacks and playing phone tag and I am just exhausted.

Everything is mostly sorted out but ugh. I'm tired. I also put dinner in the crock pot. I am serving chicken in a creamy sauce over either pasta or mashed potatoes. Side of sugar snap peas, which shockingly, everyone ate the last time I served them, and did not complain.

I washed dishes and cleared the kitchen counters while I was on the phone, now I just need to wash the floors. I have to tidy the main floor since Stephie's eval is tomorrow for her Early Intervention services. It is also Election Day, as well as parent-teacher conference day at Katie's school. Then, Steve goes out of town tomorrow afternoon for three or four days. Busy busy, busy.

I have my doctor appointment on Wednesday, early since it is early dismissal day. Fun, fun, fun.

I refilled my birdfeeders yesterday because there is a huge flock of about a hundred tiny brown birds that come around if there is food. They hide in the bushes near the feeders and pop out, taking turns to eat. There is also a beautiful male blue jay who is a lazy little man. He sits on the ground and eats what they brown birds drop. He is also a loudmouth bird, screeching at the two squirrels who think it is a good idea to eat the pickin's from the ground also. He is all bluff though, since the two fat squirrels ignore him and scurry over. Then he backs away, complaining noisily. Oddly, all of this did not make my headache worse. :-) They are cute to watch.

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