Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I got my flu shot today

I told the nurse that I am a huge needle baby and so she was smacking me on the arm to desensitize my nerves, kind of like my dentist does by flapping my lips or cheeks when he is shooting me up with Novocain. Sending too many confusing messages from the nerves to the brain, so it hurts less. Or something. So I got my flu shot. Stephie has had hers, and the older kids are getting theirs with their well child visits in a few weeks.

Tomorrow I get my blood drawn to check my cholesterol. I had it checked ten years ago, so I guess I am due. I am trying to cut back/eliminate caffeine, so I am off soda again. You know it is one thing if I have a soda on the occasional trip out, but I was sucking down the Pepsi at home. Talk about a waste of money, too! Water is free and I have reuseable water bottles, so I've no excuse. In just 24 hours of no soda, I have ankles again. Yay for less water retention!

Now, onto the election. My kids were rooting for different candidates. Katie wanted McCain, since he was in the Navy like Steve is. Jon wanted Obama like the majority of his classmates. The new president was declared so much sooner than I expected--I thought the results would take hours and hours to come in, but no, at 11PM it was all over. I went to check on the kids, turn off lights, cover them up (yes I still do it) and of course, they popped their little eyes open. Jon was happy, and Katie was most certainly not. It was funny to watch.

I had previously told the kids that no matter who was elected, we would be making history. If Obama and Biden won, we would have our first black president, and if McCain and Palin were elected, we would have the oldest President as well as the first female VP. I told them it was exciting to be old enough to remember living through history as it was being made. Katie was interested but Jon was not. He said he has had too much election overload. Two years, little man. We've all had enough campaigning and we are all glad it is over!

Tomorrow after my blood draw, the baby and I go to playgroup. Yay! We go to two, and the other one was canceled so we have missed going and playing with friends.

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