Monday, November 03, 2008


I forgot day two. Oh well, I'll do two posts today.

My dream last night was so weird. I dreamt that our neighbors had a candy apple red station wagon. (They don't.) And while I was watching, it sank into the ground because all of a sudden we were living on houses built over a swamp???

Inside our house, which had a banquet room, we were hosting a dinner for Steve and his coworkers, and during the dinner he was told he had been promoted. I can still see his face because with this promotion came more responsibility and he is already stressed as it is.

I went over and told him, "Congratulations on your promotion" in a breathy, Marilyn Monroe-style voice. Then I told him that the neighbor's car sank and the swamp water was oozing through our walls. Our house ws next. He had to break up the party while I packed the car.

I ran to the other parts of the house, grabbing stuff to take. The kids, the dogs, some clothes, etc. I kept running back and forth. I was exhausted when I woke up.

The dream kind of broke up oddly. Our house was starting to sink slowly, but not as a whole. Just one corner, one side. The wall disintegrated. It was kind of crumbled like a soggy cookie to reveal our backyard. The carpet was getting wet also, and more of the house was going to sink, and that was when we got out of there. Then I woke up.

I think the whole sinking house thing was because I was looking at, at their "the big picture" feature and it showed before and afters of this city in Yemen whose houses were washed away and crumbled due to storms and flooding. They were tall buildings, not just huts, but they were just turned into goo because they were made of mud bricks. Just add (too much) water, and the whole city was demolished.

Odd dream.

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