Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few days' recap

Eh, I got sidetracked. I did attempt to make the covered wagon. No pictures were taken because I was so discouraged by the fact that the finished product did not even come close to resembling the image in my head. I baked the cake, then layered the pound cakes on top. I baked pie pastry draped over an upturned loaf pan to make it look like the cover part, and it did. Sort of. But I didn't trim down the cakes and the pound cakes stuck out the front, and the bottom layer was way too big. The donut wagon wheels were cute, but just not cutting it. I didnt even attempt the graham cracker driver's seat. My son came home and laughed at it, and on Saturday we had company come over and they couldn't tell what it was. I just had this perfect image in my head, and it fell horribly flat. No way am I taking pictures and posting my shame for all to see!

Like I said, on Saturday some friends came to visit and see our new house. We enjoyed having them. One of these days we will make it down to their neck of the woods!

On Sunday, Steve slept on the couch and watched football. This is nothing new, but he has been getting migraines lately and was feeling like crap so I didn't bust his chops for "wasting" a Sunday on the couch in front of the TV.

Steve was at the lodge for a late meeting Monday night and I took a bath. Shhh, don't tell the kids, since I tell them they must take showers since taking baths wastes water. I sneak my occasional bath in after they are asleep. I left the lights off, (because of the obnoxiously loud automatic fan) lit some scented tealights, scattered them around the bathroom and soaked away, re-reading Harry Potter.

Tuesday the kids were off school for Veteran's Day and this sparked a discussion about the military, wars and also the Holocaust. Jon hasn't heard about it in school yet, so we told him about it. We told him of the gas chambers and of six million Jewish souls exterminated. He couldn't wrap his head around hating someone for their religion, and he didn't understand hte gas chamber. He asked us why the Jewish people didn't grab a gas mask? As if any person has a random gas mask hanging around, much less a prisoner in the camps, right? We tried to explain and ended up just looking it up on the internet to show him how they slept in bunks, and weren't properly fed or clothed, how they were cold, hungry, used for slave labor, hideously maltreated and murdered. Those pictures said more than we could.

Wednesday was a short day at school, which the kids love. Yay for early dismissal!

Today is Thursday. I took the baby to one of the playgroups that we go to. She wanted nothing to do with singing songs. She was crawling all over, happily ignoring me until the leader brought out the musical instruments. Stephie loves to shake bells and rattles. She also likes to see the other babies there, even if one did use her head as a drum, bonking it with a maraca. Stephie looked puzzled until she decided it hurt and started to cry as me & the other mom raced over to help. You really can't move too fast in a room with 15 crawling babies.

So what's on my agenda? Cleaning. Some maintenance tidying for the main floor of the house, and soem continued in-depth cleaning of my front room. Jon's slumber party is in two nights, and also we have my parents coming for Christmas. The house needs to be cleaned and kept up. Tonight I am undertaking the scintillating task of making the grocery list, to include two weeks worth of food, plus party snacks for two slumber parties (Jon's *and* Katie's) and Thanksgiving. I love that I have a second fridge to thaw my turkey in! Whee!

Well I should shut up and go clean. I will keep posting regularly, I promise!


Anonymous said...

your company didn't mean to laugh at your covered wagon. it was a valliant attempt and i can understand how it worked in your head and not in the oven! :)

Jenn said...

Hee hee! :-) No worries. It looked so much more recognizable in my head!