Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here I go again!

On Friday I lit a candle to remember a sweet baby girl who passed away. A friend of mine's baby was stillborn, and Friday was her due date. I know that this weekend has been really tough for the baby's parents. I did ordinary things that day, like go to the grocery store, and clean house thinking about the grieving family the whole time. Y'all know who you are and I hope you find peace this weekend.

Today was Jon's birthday party. I made the cake he wanted, and bought the party stuff in the theme he chose. We invited his friends for a sleepover. We ordered pizza and we were supposed to go bowling. We have only seen that bowling alley full on league nights, and tonight was glow bowling night. Everyone and their dog showed up and so there was no bowling for us. The boys weren't too bummed about it. They came home and played video games. They went into Jon's room and we haven't seen them much. Lots of laughing, and the occasional run for soda and pizza. I hope they're having a good time.

As a party favor I made Tshirts. I bought some iron-on letters and they told me how they wanted them, and also some little iron-on sports balls. One child wanted his name vertical, one straight across the front, the other straight across the back and Jon wanted his diagonal. Two boys wanted their shirt cuffs adorned in the balls, one wanted just one on his shirt, and Jon wanted two footballs. Each shirt was unique and they loved them. I'd no idea it would go over so big. They were quite specific with the letter and sports ball placement.

So now it is after midnight, so it's Sunday the 16th and I feel like a loser, big time since I *just* remembered that today/Saturday was my parents anniversary and I feel like a huge tool for forgetting to call them. Yes, I was busy, and yes, I sent a card, but still. Duh, me! I will call them in the morning. What's on the agenda for Sunday? Sleep. As soon as I offload the sleepover invitees, and the baby goes down for a nap, so am I! I am so very tired. I am only staying up for 20 more minutes and then I'm off to bed.

I stayed up for a while hoping the boys would settle down. I finished off and fringed one scarf, and finished off a second. Both had been languishing on my needles for awhile. Now I need to fringe the second one but I don't feel like it right now. Well that is about it. I'm so tired. Night, y'all.

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Where did Jenn go? Anybody see her? Hello, hello, hello? ;)