Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve. We have done some festive things, like baking cookies for the neighbors and then piling in the car and driving around the neighborhood delivering them. I also wrote out all the Christmas cards, which I put off writing until it was too late. Now they will be New Year's cards.

We also attempted to bake sugar cookies for Santa. We used the coffee table, covered in wax paper, as a work surface. In the midst of rolling, cutting and baking the cookie dough, the bad little weenie dog put his head in the bowl of dough and started eating. He is now banished to his bed and will not get to open a present for Christmas Eve. Bad dog!

So we only made about 1/3 of the cookies we should have made. But that's ok. Right now, homemade pizza is in the oven, affording me a few minutes to update the blog.

After dinner we will decorate Santa's cookies, have popcorn & cocoa, read both "Twas the Night Before Christmas," and the Christmas Story from the Bible.

The kids will be allowed to open one gift each, and then it is bedtime! That's about what we do, every Christmas Eve. Pizza's ready...Merry Christmas, all!

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