Friday, December 16, 2005

Running around like a nut...

Well today I overslept, and we had to fly out the door to get to school on time. Today is the last day of school for the kids. Back when I was in school, we got out at half-day on the 23rd of December. My kids are getting out today, the 16th???

I always make homemade gifts for the kids' teachers, and this year was no exception. Katie is in a multiage class, and has 2 teachers. So I made something for each teacher, and one for Jonathan's teacher. Jonathan's teacher is getting a cake, a vanilla one with red and green sprinkles in the cake itself, iced green with holiday sprinkles on top.

I heard Katie's primary teacher say her favorite pie was apple, so I went to work. I made 2 apple pies, one with a real lattice top--thanks to Jordan for her cookbook with instructions on how to weave a real lattice top! The second pie was crumb-topped, with oats, brown sugar, butter and chopped walnuts. The 2 teachers can fight it out over who gets which one.

Both kids' class parties are this afternoon. Katie's class is making cocoa from scratch, and our contribution was powdered sugar to go in the pot.

Jonathan brought holiday candy for his party, and they are having chips and dip, and veggies and dip, and other munchies, so I am bringing in bean dip to go with the tortilla chips they will be having. I scooped it out of the can, put it on a plate, and shaped it like a star. Then I outlined the bean dip in squeezy cheese. It looks festive. Trinice tells me I am creative, but I don't know, I just didn't want to show up with a dinky can of bean dip.

What else have I done this morning? Oh yeah- I made a "new mommy" dinner for my friend Rachel, who had a beautiful baby girl 9 days ago. She is a little bundle of perfection, and it was such a pleasure to prepare a lasagna, toss a salad and get some garlic bread. I also made a cake, which is cooling now.

I have a pan in the shape of a Christmas tree, and I used it to make Rachel's dessert. When the cake is cool, I am going to ice and decorate it, with green sprinkles to make the tree green, and a yellow star on top and of course, bulbs and garland.

All that, and done before lunch. Tonight's dinner will be PB&J, because I don't feel like cooking any more!

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