Saturday, December 17, 2005

A grievous wound, a broken heater, and Christmas presents!

Yesterday, I went to pick up the kids from school after their parties. They were all sugared up, which was to be expected. I put some stuff in the trunk and tried to stand up straight and close the trunk at the same time. My skull met the trunk latch and I saw stars. I couldn't catch my breath and tears sprouted from my eyes. My scalp burned and I felt it gingerly to see how bad the damage was. My fingers were lightly stained with blood. I called a friend over to look at my head. She said it was scraped up but not bleeding badly. It has hardened into a little nasty blood-covered lump. It hurts to brush my hair.

Our heater is also broken. You think that not having a heater here in California wouldn't be such a problem. But we are right on the water and it gets cold! The air in the house is frigid.

I called for maintenance on the 15th, someone came out, tinkered with it, and the heater worked overnight. At dinnertime yesterday I noticed the heater was not working again, so I called maintenance, again, and they brought me a tiny little space heater for overnight.

They came out today to replace a broken part, but it still did not fix the heater, so who knows what is next? I probably need a new heater but you know that's not going to happen on a weekend. So we are all sitting huddled around a space heater the size of a box of cereal. And not a jumbo box either. One of those teeny boxes that still manage to cost $4.00.

Max enjoys the space heater. Being a weenie dog, he has no body fat, and has taken lately to hiding underneath blankets because he is cold. He enjoys sitting in front of the heater, letting the warm air wash over him.

Steve is home now, his ship pulled in, and he will be home now, with no more underway periods, until they deploy. I am still in denial about that, and am focused on making sure my kids have a nice, happy Christmas. They don't need a mom who is moping around, depressed because of the impending deployment.

Steve is currently sleeping on the couch, which has missed him in his absence. :-) The kids wrote their Santa letters today. They wrote a list of their top three wish list items, and Santa will pick one of the three to bring them.

A great big Thank You to Poppy, who sent us a box of Christmas presents yesterday, and said we didn't have to wait 8 more days! Jonathan got a K'Nex kit, which he immediately built and has not put down since. Katie got a marabou-trimmed, makeup-filled purse. She got little tubs of glitter lip gloss, little tubes of glitter lipstick, hair bows and clips, 2 glitter hair gels, a brush and mirrir, and 2 nail polishes. She has been sparkly for 2 days now and loves it!

Max could smell that his present was something yummy and tore the paper off his present himself! I took pictures of it because he was so determined to get it open and when he finally did he ran off to hide, and chew his present (a big rawhide bone) in privacy.

Steve opened his today, a pound of Dunkin' Donuts coffee, which we cannot get out here in CA and so enjoy when a friend takes pity on us, and a New England Patriots Santa Hat. He loves it!

As for me, I got my very most favorite yummy, milk chocolate covered honeycomb. It is unbelievably sweet! And so was Poppy for sending me a Michael's giftcard too! She knows how I love to make things! Woohoo, now I can go to the craft store!

That's about it for today.

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