Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bad, bad dogs!

I caught my dogs eating out of the trash can. I had put some leftovers in, and made the rounds of the house to gather all the trash before taking it all out. Tomorrow's trash day, see. Then I was vaccuuming the hall and when I turned around, I saw two weiner dogs on their hind legs, chowing down on leftover garlic-basil chicken. Bad dogs! So they had to go into their crate. Thought you'd want to know.

I've washed the dishes, rounded up laundry and trash, maintained the living room and bathroom, and of course, vaccuumed the hall. Now it's off to feed the baby. Dinner will be "clean random food out of the freezer." Since Steve isn't home tonight, I don't have to cook.

Later tonight I will do some moving prep, which will involve sorting random crap into piles of toss, donate and keep. All in time for trash collection tomorrow. Whee!

Anyone need a rectangular 4 seater table, honey colored wood top and white scrolled metal legs? Or an almost-never-used, heavy, recumbent style exercise bike? Or a big clunker of a TV? It works fine, it just is big. It's not one of those flat screened, light models. $20 each. Come and get 'em.

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