Thursday, June 26, 2008

No sleep

I was talking to Steve earlier and I told him how I don't sleep when he is gone. This usually lasts for about a week until exhaustion kicks in and then I sleep like a normal person. Well he hasn't been gone a week yet, so I'm up.

I made bread today, so I don't have to buy any at the store tomorrow when I go for milk. I have been buying bread lately but it goes to waste because we haven't been using it as much during the school year. The kids had been buying lunch. Over the summer we are likely to use more bread for sandwiches at lunch but not too soon. My kids are off to my mom's house on Friday for two weeks. So I just made a little loaf. It should do fine.

I also made 2 small chocolate cheesecake balls, covered in pecans, to be eaten with graham crackers. Or a spoon, whatever. I will share with the neighbor, which is why I made 2 small balls instead of the one enormous ball that the recipe made.

I don't know if I mentioned that I have been planning and cookingmeals that use what I have on hand to empty the fridge, freezer and cupboards? Well, I am. But that's about the only moving prep I have gotten done. I have been trying to maintain the house, entertain my kids (impossible) and take care of the baby, and also, I've been sick since Monday afternoon. Ugh. I
think I am on the mend, but who knows what tomorrow brings? Hopefully, it will bring a better-feeling me.

I found the second phone, which was hiding for two days. Katie painted my toenails and I painted hers. I tried to paint the baby's but she has the tiniest toes. Katie also asked me what sperm was? Only she saw it on Dirty Jobs when the host worked on an Alaskan fishing boat. He held up a wad of something that the deckhands informed him was fish sperm. Ugh.

The vocabulary lessons at my house are always fun. Previously, Jonathan asked me what a slut was, since he'd heard the kids on his bus say it. I have had to be his dictionary for many words heard on the damn bus. So he came to me and asked what a tramp was? So I told him a tramp was like a slut. He looked at me, bewildered, and asked about the Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp! Duh to me!

So I had to tell him that for a woman, a tramp is a slut, but in the Disney title, it refers to a male character who also runs the streets, is kinda homeless and like a hobo. Never a dull moment.

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