Saturday, June 21, 2008

I can't believe it has been a month

Every few days my brain has a lovely topic to blog about and I have no time. I have no time now, since I need to pump here in a few minutes and try to get to bed at a decent hour but I figured I could go ahead and let some of the extra thoughts out of my brain.

So. My friend Meghan moved away. I know we are a military family but still, it was hard. I threw myself in to helping her clean and check out of her house to distract myself from her moving. It worked. I tried to make a clean getaway as soon as she turned in her keys. I was going to take the kids and go out and get a bite to eat, when lo and behold, they had the same idea, so we all had lunch at a local place. I was trying to tell myself that they were just going away on vacation. I was (and still am) in denial. I didn't watch them drive away.

It hurts to look at their house, which is right down the street from my own. I love her kids as my own. I took a lot of pictures and uploaded them to and they screwed up my whole picture order and now I have to take my camera card to a Kodak machine and do it myself. Ugh. My pics are not blurry, CVS screwed up. But looking at the pictures made me sad and I didn't have the heart to harass the CVS people. I will just go to Wal Mart and do it myself. I used to call Meghan in the evening and ask if she wanted to make a run to the store with me for milk or whatever, and it was on the tip of my tongue to do so ever since she left. And it make sme sad again. I made cards for every member of her family to flood their mailbox, and I was going to include pictures for everyone and then CVS screwed up my order and now I have to get them reprinted so I cannot mail them until Monday. I wanted to mail them today and now I can't. Can you hear me stamping my foot?

So we might be moving. The Navy is yanking my chain and prolonging my agony by waiting as long as posisble to give me an answer but it appears that we are most likely moving to Boston. I am all for it. The prospect of moving is a great distraction from Meghan's moving. I am going room by room, throwing out crap and boxing up things to donate. I am starting to detail clean. I want to move. I would be back on a base, with a commissary. My food and fuel bills woudl be cut dramatically. I would be back in a military environment. My kids' schools would be right there in housing just like in California. I would be in close proximity to a ChikFilA for the first time in over two years. Obviously I have thought it over. Ha! Come on, Navy! Throw me a bone!

What else? Today, June 21st, the baby cut her first tooth on the bottom left. It *just* popped through and I can feel it but not see it yet. She will be 9 months/7.5 months corrected on the 30th. She likes to hold your fingers to steady herself in a standing position but hates to sit and declines stubbornly to learn how. She is a pain in the butt with her physical therapy because she is very resistant to do it. She is all coos and smiles when you let her be, but if you make her work, her face is somber and she looks at you through narrowed eyes. The coos are replaced with grunts and growls. She is very determined. She is finishing her last pack of size 2 diapers and moving into a size 3 soon. She just now fits newborn or size one shoes, and wears six month clothing. She is a bitty little thing, only 13 pounds. She nurses and eats food at each feed, except her bedtime nursing. She loves to eat. She is just a petite girl.

Jonathan has zits and I can't believe he turns 12 this year. He finished 6th grade. before I know it he will be in high school and I will be old. He went to a friend's birthday party tonight. It was from 6-10 pm and I thought, "Oh no, now the nighttime parties begin." It warmed my heart to hear that the last hour of the party was when the kids played Flashlight Tag outdoors, under cover of warm, summer darkness. Like kids. Not all grown up yet, eh? Yay!

Katie is still adjusting to being in the middle. We all talked about how it seems the baby gets all the attention. I told both of the older kids that it might seem like the newcomers get tons of attention for silly things, but what they don't remember is that we were just as wildly excited when we saw them do something silly. She adores her baby sister but now there is a different part of being in the middle--Jonathan is older now and he gets to do more, like go to birthday parties for *his* friends. Once upon a time, the birthday invitations might have said "Siblings welcome." Not so, anymore.

She is pretty good about rolling with it, but at times she just seems to test her limits. She will ask me the same question over and over in a hopes that my "no" will become a "yes." But I am a mean mommy who tries to be consistent, and I just tell her that I have already answered her. She is excellent at pouting and moping. Moody little thing. She reminds me of me.

Steve went to a retirement this weekend; a four-hour drive each way. He is beat like a bad dog.

Speaking of bad dogs, Cookie keeps trying to run off with a little dolly baby that I bought the baby. Cookie wants that dolly baby very badly. She also has the capability to leap four feet in the air, effortlessly. You can be sitting there and she can launch herself at you. You don't even see it coming. There is no lunge. She is just *there.* Clearly she is made of springs and a lack of self control. Well she can find that dolly baby anywhere and she takes it right to her bed and tries to gnaw on her. If I see her with it in her mouth, she runs. She really wants it. Why? I don't know.

Max is more sedate and cannot jump as high, but he still does this cute bunny run. He also runs faster than Cookie, though not by much. I love to watch them bunny run, side by side, big bat-ears flapping madly! Max is a bad dog too. He has discovered a taste for baby food and loves to inspect the baby to see if her face needs licking. Back off, weiner dog! He can be found behind Steve's chair with an empty plastic tub of baby food, licking it clean. He snitches those plastic tubs off tables or out of the trash and goes to town.

So what about me? I am working on a scrapbooking album, an ABCs of New England album. A is for autumn leaves and lord knows I got enough pictures of those. F is for Fenway, C is for CT, and I am hoping that one of the B pictures will be captioned B is for Boston. It's not just big things, I am doing little things, like S is for Snow, S is also for Stephanie. Anyway, it is fun to put together and I advise anyone in a scrapping slump to put one together.

By this time next week my two older kids will be visiting my parents for a few weeks. Hopefully if we move, it will be done while they are gone. That would be so much easier. My dad is taking a plane up here and they are taking a train down to my parents' house. They will go on their first train ride, and I am jealous. I am going to provide them with a camera so they can get lots of pictures for me.

Not much else going on for me. I am kinda boring. Meh. I have talked for an hour, and now I really need to pump. Adios for now, y'all.

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