Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My stomach hurts. It has been bothering me for two and a half days. My guts are griping. I remember when I was sick in February and April, I drank pomegranate tea by the boxful. I first got hooked on it at a local tea place where Katie had a tea party birthday last November. So my thoughts turn to tea and I remember that when Meghan moved, her packers wouldn't pack anything open and she had an open box of pomegranate tea. She gave it to me before she left.

I race to heat up water, and inhale the scent of the tea. Lovely. I get out the sugar bowl. It is hard to get the perfect balance of sugar. Too little and it is a tad bitter. Too much and it's hot sugar water that overwhelms the pom flavor. Ugh, I almost screw it up, but it is salvageable. Only slightly too sweet. I can still taste the tea. I sip. It is the perfect temperature. I hope it soothes my stomach. I drink more, and miss my friend. She gave me the box of tea, and she and her daughter Zoe came to Katie's tea party where we had the pom tea in the first place. I drank the better part of two pots of the stuff. I guzzled it, briefly sharing with the rest of them. It was *that* good.

Meghan called tonight and we caught each other up on bits of news until my phone started beeping low battery. At least I got an hour to talk to her.

I came back in the living room to blog about tea and notice that the dogs (sleeping peacefully alongside me on the couch until I got up to make tea,) have taken the tea prep time to chew up a few crayons on my freshly vaccuumed floor. Crazy weiner dogs.

Time to pump. Another cup of tea, and then maybe some sleep.

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