Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Crap, it's after midnight!

I signed up on one of my boards to post every day and now I think have lost 3 days! Ugh! It is weird to say I have been too busy, but I have. Doing nothing, but still busy.

I still mean to shampoo my carpets and I actually got around to asking my neighbor to borrow the cleaner, and I vaccuumed the carpet in preparation. I even have cleaner fluid. I just need to go get the cleaner itself.

The baby decided to start nursing two days ago, and I am happy. My nipples burn like hellfire, but I am happy. I feel a little less like a failure now. I am retaining water like crazy again, since my supply has increased a ton. First I was making twice what she ate, then she started eating more and my supply appeared to be decreasing and I lamented. I increased my water intake and tried to pump more frequently. Then she decided to nurse. Supply issue apparently solved.

Here are some random thoghts. I have my six week check on Friday. Steve is working hard, preparing for an inspection at work. I spent too much money at the grocery store. I am making a hat to match the scarf I made for my recipient in the December Gift Exchange. After I nurse the baby, I am starving. I just finished feedign her before I started posting and my stomach HURTS. Sucking down water is not helping.

Ok so this was a boring post. No one said I had to be scintillating, right? Next post will be better, I promise.

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