Monday, November 19, 2007

I miss the real Navy. Bad.

That is all.

Ok, maybe not.

I do miss the Navy though. This is like no shore duty I have ever encontered before. A horrible commute, terrible hours, being very remote, nowhere near a real base or commissary, working weekends, and a "command" spread so thin that there is no sense of cohesion, family, or belonging. I know one other nearby military family. They actually live on my street, so it is nice when I want to talk Navy at someone.

But I miss housing, and being surrounded by nosy neighbors. The ones who tell you that so and so came home at 2 am and speculate about where she'd been. The ones who call and ask what the UPS truck delivered to you today, since they saw the truck in your drive. The ones that you see again, at some point, since it is a small Navy.

I miss carriers. I was watching youtube and this feeling intensified. I miss the blue and white speckled floors. I miss the smell of jet fuel on Steve's clothes. I miss him carrying his seabag and wearing his big boots. I miss command functions, like the kids' holiday parties and the open houses on teh ship. I miss duty days--who would have thought that I'd miss duty? I miss bringing Steve dinner with the kids and visiting his in his office. I miss underways too. Making a ton of cookies to send Steve, and making the paper loop chain--one loop for every day Daddy's away.

I never thought that a shore duty would come along that I wouldn't relish. Savoring each day with Steve at home and not at sea, having him home for dinner every night, etc. I thought shore duty would fly by and be sorely missed. Instead, it is dragging and it is sea duty that's missed! Come on, July of 09!

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HisWifeTheirMom said...

Heh! Tradeya! Max is doing back to back sea duty and immediately jumping into the begining of a extended deployment. But the military true...always some sort of gossip going on.