Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello little face!

The baby scared me today!

We were having a little ni-nite this morning, and I bolted awake to her fire engine scream, but it was different--she was panicking. She was all of two feet away from my bed in her bassinet and I flew over there, to find her covered in foam? She was foaming at the mouth and nose. I snatched her up and ran into the nursery. I used the bulb syringe to suction her. She was trying to cry but couldn't draw air because she was choking on her foam. So she would do this horrible gurgling noise until she drew enough air, then let out the fire engine scream of panic. It seemed like forever but it was maybe only three minutes until I had her calm again, and she was peering up at me, wide eyed and grabbing at my finger with her tiny hand. I was thoroughly freaked out. I called the pediatrician to see if they thought anything sounded off, or could tell me where the foam came from? She doesn't spit up so I was at a loss. Was she really sick?

The ped office told me to come in to check her and make sure her lungs were clear. She had been snuffly for a few days and sneezing since yesterday, little rapid fire sneezes. We have had the humidifier going. Of course the instant I walked into the ped office she became all coos and smiles. I felt like an idiot and like I had never had a baby before! But the ped said no, it was good to come in and make sure her lungs were clear--the last thing we needed was to let some respiratory bug languish, undetected and untreated.

She now weighs 7 pounds, three ounces. She has gained eight ounces in the past six days! And she is nursing like it's her job. Well, I guess it is, huh? She is the little, tiny picture of health. See above!

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Eliana Miriam Hoffman said...

What a sweet little face. And those cheeks!!

Did the doctors have any idea what the foaming was? How scary!