Friday, November 23, 2007


So, late Wednesday night I remembered that I had forgotten to make my pies. So between the baby sleeping and needing another feed, I baked two deep dish pies--pumpkin and cherry. Then I set my alarm to insure that I'd wake up in time to start cooking. I had a very strict schedule to keep to wake, cook, and juggle feeding the baby. Plus I was trying two new recipes so I had to have it down to the minute.

I ended up turning the alarm off in my tired stupor and woke up an hour past my time. Steve already fed the baby and I had to pump. Ugh, now I would be behind another 30 minutes. I ended up getting the turkey in the oven three hours past when I had planned to, but no worries.

I know now there was no way to keep to my schedule. I couldn't have gotten that bird in the oven and that stuffing in the crock pot in such a short amout of time. But it turned out quite funny because I was so tired. I kept going into the living room to read the recipe off the compter, and then going back into the kitchen to cook. It didn't occur to me to bring the computer into the kitchen. I browned the sausage and set it aside. I began to chop the celery and onions but instead of putting it into the pan to saute, I put it in the sausage bowl?? Then I added it to the pan without melting the butter first. It doesn't sound so funny, but it was. My momma called to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving right when I had started laughing. It was just hilarious that I couldn't concentrate. And rather than get all mad, I realized there was no way I could keep to a schedule. And I started laughing as Steve started scooping little piles of minced celery out of the sausage bowl.

I made a roast turkey--the first year that I didn't brine it! I tried a new recipe. It had a nice flavor but I will probably brine again next year. I made stuffing in the crockpot, homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, peas, carrots, roasted sweet potatoes with a brown suge glaze and toasted walnuts, cranberry sauce, rolls, and the 2 aforementioned pies. I think that's it.

We had a nice relaxed day. We didn't have to et up early or go anywhere. We didn't have to dress up, but the kids did so we could attempt our Christmas card photo. I had the girls in matching dresses. I love Hanna Anderson for making dresses that my seven year old and seven week old can wear, matching. Jonathan dressed in a nice shirt and khakis. I took at least 50 pictures in different poses. It was exasperating, because the baby woudl turn her head at the last minte, or Jonathan would blink, or Katie would make a fake smile. So I became part entertainer, part photographer, saying silly things to evoke some real smiles.

Now I am being critical of my pictures. Should I have set them up against a backdrop or was our living room ok? I wanted them to be cute but comfortable so they were barefoot. Is that too informal? Should I have dressed them in holiday clothes, or holiday colors? I am narrowing my selections down but I wonder if they are good enough?

Then I figure, who cares? People want to see the kids, so they'll see them. I am trying to pick a picture without hair sticking up, closed eyes, or vampire teeth, and I hope I can edit the red-eye right out of the picture.

So we had a nice, laid-back Thanksgiving. It was lovely. The parade was on, and later, football. We had a nice spread of yummy food. We got to just lay around the house, for which I am truly thankful.

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