Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

This evening was Parent-Teacher conferences, and Jonathan said that one team in the school was calling themselves the Soapy Bubbles. There was a sign and everything welcoming the Soapy Bubble Parents.

I asked what his team was called and he said they had just voted on a name, but not in time for the teacher to hang the banner saying (mutter mutter mutter).

"Animal Crackers," I asked? I got a LOOK for that and I asked what did I do?

"Emerald Geckos, Mom!" We all busted up laughing right there in the hall.

Well it was funny to me! :-)

In other news, my skin is so terribly itchy and has been since the baby was born. My stretch marks are itchy, especially around the waist, so I guess they're shrinking. But all my skin itches and it feels like there are bugs crawling under my skin. I can sit there and feel an itch, and look, convinced it is a bug on me. Lo and behold, nothing. I am losing it! I am also going to be slathering on the lotion.

The past two days, giant spiders have tried to sneak into my house. Ineffectually, I might add. They wait, huge and lurking, right by my door. I step up and put the key in the lock and freeze in horror. *Insert full body shiver* Do they think I am going to step aside and let them precede me? Ugh.

I am loving the Knifty Knitter looms for making things. They just seem to churn out the yarned goods. But I feel as if I am cheating or not really knitting. I want to learn more than how to make scarves, when just using needles. I enjoy my loom though, because I can work for just short spurts of tie with a new baby, and I can see results quickly.

Lastly, it is after midnight, so Happy 21st Anniversary to my Mom & Dad! I hope you guys have a great day!

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