Friday, November 16, 2007

Things to do

So here I am, wide awake after feeding the baby at midnight. She is still awake too, but I put her in her bed so she can learn to self soothe and fall asleep herself. Yes I am a mean mommy. I have a laundry list of things that need to be done so I figured I would write it down here.

Jonathan's birthday is on Saturday and I am debating baking his cake now, since I am up. I will decorate it later but I can do the baking ahead of time.

I was cleaning the entryway to the house when the midnight feeding rolled around. I was washing the walls with my beloved Magic Eraser, and sweeping off the stairs and floor. We will have people in on Saturday for cake and I want them to see a nice house, starting with a shiny entryway. I had my floor cloths and scrubber for the entryway linoleum. I need to wash the eight tiny windows too. We have a coat rack and a shoe cube for organization, so that's good.

Side note--I want to slap the guy in the Campbell's Soup To Go commercial, who is eating meatballs in the elevator. He is annoying. Also, the baby fussed until I thought she was going to wake up Steve so I picked her up and put her in her swing. Minimal fuss and a sleeping baby. Finally, my cable keeps going in and out and it is annoying. I am about to put a movie on for background noise. We have recently acquired Knocked Up, I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, Ratatouille, and I Thee Wed. Back to my list.

I want to shampoo my carpets but I don't want to do them while it is wet out because I like to open my windows for a cross breeze to help the carpet dry, and I think if it is wet out, the damp air won't help the carpet dry any faster. It has been wet for two days, but it will be dry for the next three. I wonder if I can squeeze in the carpets tomorrow? Eh, I will try. But if so, I should really bake that cake now.

Oh crap! I threw out one of my round cake pans! I said to myself, "Ew, it's gross, I'll buy another." And I threw it away, and now I have to make a double layer round cake. Hmm. Who says it has to be a double layer? I can make the round cake and then use the remaining batter for cupcakes.

What else? I don't need to scrub the kitchen floor but I do need to scrub the baseboards around the bar and under the dishwasher. I also need to do the regular tidying in the bathroom. I need to do some in-depth things and some regular maintenance cleaning things.

Be right back--odd noises. OK back now--something fell in the bathtub, no big deal.

Anyway, I need to close this and get to doing something worthwhile or maybe even going to sleep! I am kind of tired but it seems like such a waste to go to sleep when the baby will wake up to eat in about 2 hours. I also need to find Katie some jeans or pants because she thinks she is wearing capris tomorrow. At 40 degrees. Grrrr!

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Eliana Miriam Hoffman said...

How often do you shampoo your carpets? It seems like you're always doing it.

How long does a magic eraser sponge last before you have to thro it out. Till it turns black? OK, I know that sounds kinda gross. But really, I'm wondering. I never want to use mine because I'm afraid I'll "use them up." I know that's stupid b/c I can always buy more.